Saturday, 17 March 2012


Dear readers,
Today i am going to change the topic from games to films.
My first film is going to be the star wars collection.
I like star wars because it isn't all one big battle.  There is comedy, friendship, love, and bravery.
I think my favourite star wars movie is attack of the clones because it includes lots of the points I've just said and more like spacial features and trying to work out the enemy's plan while you watch it.
All in all i think star wars is a great film series and I'd rate most of them four star.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

battle ships

In battle ships it is mainly about guessing and a tiny bit  of skill.  You have to place your battle ships in unlikely places and then guess where your opponents ships are and try to sink them.  I don't really like battle ships because i like games that use more skill.
In monopoly you have to choose which property's to buy and make trades and to choose whether or not your going to buy a house.