Saturday, 17 March 2012


Dear readers,
Today i am going to change the topic from games to films.
My first film is going to be the star wars collection.
I like star wars because it isn't all one big battle.  There is comedy, friendship, love, and bravery.
I think my favourite star wars movie is attack of the clones because it includes lots of the points I've just said and more like spacial features and trying to work out the enemy's plan while you watch it.
All in all i think star wars is a great film series and I'd rate most of them four star.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

battle ships

In battle ships it is mainly about guessing and a tiny bit  of skill.  You have to place your battle ships in unlikely places and then guess where your opponents ships are and try to sink them.  I don't really like battle ships because i like games that use more skill.
In monopoly you have to choose which property's to buy and make trades and to choose whether or not your going to buy a house.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

card games

Over the next few posts I will be rating, giving tips and talking about a few card games.  Card games come in all shapes and formes. From the mony scavenging poker to a 20 second game of pontune.
So keep reading!

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Scrabble is quite a sophisticated game that means you have to know lots of complicated words like arckioligest.  I just spelt that wrong to prove to you how difficult it is.  I started playing scrabble when i was eight and didn't really understand it.  I started liking scrabble when I was nine and I won my fist game. I started becoming pretty good at scrabble much later on.  I don't have a tip for scrabble players because I'm really not that good at it. I would rate scrabble three and a half star.

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Saturday, 25 February 2012


As you probably guessed from the title Risk is all about whether your going to take a risk or stay safe.  I like Risk because it isn't all based on luck.  You control your army's and try to take over the world. From these 5 sentences, you can probably Gussie that the majority of players would be male (don't let that put you off!).  I would recommend Risk to ages 9 and over.  I would rate it 4 and a half stars.

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Monopoly is a long sickening game where you try to become rich and thrash your team mates.  That was a negative point of view.  Monopoly is a nice long game where you collect property's and develop your strategy.  That was a positive point of view.  monopoly is partly luck and partly strategy.  My strategy tip to all Monopoly players that are at a loss is to get the blues, then the greens and finally the browns.  Anyone who has these sets,focuses on houses and keeps and eye on the board is sure to win.

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civilisation IV

Civilisation 4.  Rated one of the top ten computer games in the world.  3D screen,  sound technology, sound effects, music, graphics, and other civilisations to befriend and battle.  I would definitely class civilisation 4 as a good computer game.  My tip to all civilisation 4 players is to  not attack America until you have a BIG army.  They will plummet you with row after row of catapults, they will bring in mace men,spear men,axe men,club men and crossbows.

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